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I'm a British/Scottish self-taught freelance web developer specialising in back-end PHP code, and a self-taught securities investor/trader. I consider myself to be a skilled developer and something of an armchair economist. I enjoy executing on new ideas and solving complex problems and this reflects most in my development work. I am an inquisitive person who likes to learn about and get a grasp of new concepts and ideas.

I am also proficient in video editing, photoshop, audio editing and manipulation, desktop computer hardware assembly, computer drive formatting and varied OS installation, basic networking such as management of port connections between network nodes usually to manage FTP servers and SSH clients in order to facilitate many server processes for webapp development or otherwise on purpose built internal network servers, and much more.

I attended Larbert High School from August 2015 to June 2021, a full high school term first through sixth year. During my time there I studied various courses and subjects, including but not limited to Computing Science, Physics, Engineering Science and Mathematics. I also attended Forth Valley College between August 2019 and June 2020 where I further studied Computing. In my time at both I accrued various qualifications and units varying between levels 4-7 on the SCQF scale with a total aggregated 406 SCQF Credit Points.

My Qualifications

National Courses

  • MEDIA Studied and completed a course at National 5.
  • MODERN STUDIES Studied and completed a course at National 5.

  • GERMAN Studied and completed a course at National 4.

National Group Awards

  • National Progression Award (NPA) Photography - SCQF Level 4

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