Hi! I'm Jack

Full Stack Web Developer

Company Director @ Bytebriq

Product Architect @ Qubiq

I excel in PHP & JavaScript

My Projects

My Bio

I'm Jack, a Full Stack Web Developer from the United Kingdom, with a profound enthusiasm for technology and an innate ability to resolve complex computing challenges. My skill set spans across PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Lua, and Bash, and I am adept at front-end and back-end development. My technical prowess is complemented by capabilities in video editing, graphic design, and sophisticated computer networking.

In my role as Director at Bytebriq, I apply my extensive knowledge of tech to foster innovation and uphold a standard of excellence. As the Product Architect for Qubiq, AthenaAI, and ImageDrop, I transform concepts into real world applications. My experience in securities investment and trading gives me a strategic perspective in my technical projects and knowledge of real world macro-economic concepts, allowing me to appreciate and navigate the intricacies of the market.

I enjoy discussing and possess a comprehensive understanding of physics, engineering, and computers. As a lifelong learner and natural problem solver, I am dedicated to bringing ideas to life through cutting-edge software initiatives, aligned with my ambition to be a trailblazer in tech innovation and entrepreneurship.

Key Skills

Apache HTTP Server
Certbot TLS
FTP Server Configuration
Linux Server Management

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